Sunday, 7 October 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 12

Welcome to another collection of shortwave radio clips from the 1980s. Among the stations featured are Radio Earth in the USA, the English service of Radio Damascus and IDs (and propaganda) from Gadaffi-era Radio Jamahriyah.

Radio Nacional, Colombia - IDs
Radio Earth, USA - address, sign off
Radio Sweden - interval signal, sign on
Radio Jamahriyah, Libya  - IDs
Radio National, Chad - ID
Radio Renascenca, Portugal - interval signal, sign on
Radio Nacional de Brasil - sign on
Radio Ljubljana, Yugoslavia - ID
Radio Damascus, Syria - sign on
Radio Uganda - sign off
Radio Norway - sign off
Radio Monte Carlo, Monaco - IDs
Radio Damascus, Syria - ID
BRT, Belgium - ID
Radio Damascus, Syria - sign off
Radio Bangladesh - address, sign off

(13:45 mins)

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Friday, 14 September 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 11

Here are some more archive recordings from the 80s, including a clip of Radio Nigeria being broadcast via the Voice of Nigeria's external service following a coup in 1983,  Radio Jamihiriyah in Libya and Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation's weekly programme to Cypriots in Britain via the BBC's transmitters on the island.

KYOI, Saipan - ID
United Nations Radio - sign on, IDs, sign off
Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran - sign off
Radio Luxembourg - ID
Radio Nigeria, Lagos - interval signal, military announcements after coup
Radio Korea, South Korea - interval signal, ID
Radio Lara, Venezuela - ID
Radio Sutatenza, Colombia  - IDs
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation - sign on
Voice of Hope, Lebanon - IDs, address
Voice of Lebanon - sign on, sign off
KFBS, Saipan - test announcement
KYOI, Saipan - IDs
Radio Japan - announcement about Gabon relay station, sign off
Radio Jamihiriyah, Libya - sign on, address, sign off

(19:23 mins)

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Friday, 31 August 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 10

This collection has quite a Latin American feel with archive recordings from Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua and La Voz del CID (Cuba Independentiente y Democratica) broadcast from Radio Clarin in the Dominican Republican aimed at Cuba. There's also a clip of Radio Luxembourg's English service signing on 1440 kHz (208m) with their "station of the 80s" jingle.

Radio Mediterranean Int, Malta - sign on, sign off
Radio Turismo, Venezuela - IDs
Radio Tachira, Venezuela - IDs
YVTO time signal station, Venezuela - ID
La Voz del CID, Dominican Republican - IDs
Radio Clarin, Dominican Republic - ID
RAE, Argentina - IDs
Radio Tallinn, Estonia - Interval signal, ID
Radio Tashkent, Uzbekistan - sign on
Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Interval signal, sign on
La Voz de Nicaragua - IDs
Radio Cameroon - IDs
Radio Luxembourg English service - sign on

(16:51 mins)

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Saturday, 4 August 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 9

There a few domestic services included in this latest batch, including recordings from Radio Illimani, Bolivia; Radio Nigeria; Radio Rivadavia, Argentina; Radio Nacional, Paraguay, and CJYQ, Canada. 

Voice of Free China, Taiwan - ID, sign off
United Arab Emirates Radio, Dubai - ID, sign off
Radio New Zealand - sign off
Blue Danube Radio, Austria - sign on, ID
Voice of Hope, Lebanon - sign off
Qatar Broadcasting Service - address
Radio Illimani, Bolivia - ID
Radio Nigeria Home Service - interval signal, ID
Radio Jordan - ID
Radio Rivadavia, Argentina - ID
Radio Free Europe - interval signal, sign on
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation - ID, address
International Christian Radio - sign off
Radio Nacional, Paraguay - ID
Radio Australia - sign off
Radio Mediterranean, Malta - sign off
RAE, Argentina - sign on
CJYQ, Canada - ID
Radio Jamariyah, Libya - sign off

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(18:59 mins)

Saturday, 14 July 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 8

Here are some more shortwave (plus a medium wave station) stations from the past including Radio
Pyongyang, Deutschlandfunk and the International Committee of the Red Cross, which used SWiss Radio Int's transmitters. Bizim Radio was a Turkish clandestine.

Radio Pyongyang, North Korea - sign on, sign off
WWVH, Hawaii - address
Deutschlandfunk English service, West Germany - sign on, sign off
Italian Radio & Television Service - sign on
Radio Japan - sign on
Voice of Malaysia - sign off
Radio Afghanistan - sign off
United Arab Emirates Radio - test transmission
Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran - sign off
Red Cross Broadcasting Service, Switzerland - sign on, address
Radio Prague, Czechoslovakia - interprogramme IDs
Voice of Nigeria - ID
Bizim Radio (clandestine) - sign on
Radio New Zealand - sign off

(18:36 mins)

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Saturday, 30 June 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 7

This collection of shortwave sounds from the past includes World Music Radio, relayed by Radio Andorra - WMR recently returned to the shortwave with non-stop music programmes via a transmitter in Denmark; Radio Australia signing on its broadcasts to the UK, Radio Denmark - which was no longer broadcasting in English but still made English announcements.

Radio Clarin, Dominican Republic - ID
World Music Radio via Radio Andorra - sign off
Trans World Radio, Guam  - sign on
Radio Australia - frequency announcements
Radio Pakistan - sign on and sign off
Radio Lebanon - sign off
Adventist World Radio - sign off
World Music Radio - sign on
Radio Minsk, Belarus - sign on, address
Radio Riga, Latvia - sign on
Radio Denmark - interval signal and English announcements

(14:33 minutes)

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 6

Welcome to some more shortwave radio recordings from the 80s. Among the clips featured include HCJB and the theme music for their popular DX Party Line show, Radio Afghanistan - putting in a good signal thanks to relays from the USSR (which had invaded the country in 1979) - and Radio Moscow asking for listeners to get involved in their programmes.

Radio Algiers: Sign off
Radio Sweden: Sign on and off
Radio Habana Cuba: Address
HCJB, Ecuador: Address, ID, DX Party Line theme
Radio Moscow North American service: Sign on (using 14 frequencies!)
Voice of Turkey: Sign on and off
Radio Afghanistan: Sign on to Europe
Voice of Free China, Taiwan: ID, address
Radio Dushanbe, Tajikistan: Sign on
Radio France Int English service: Address, sign off
Voice of Vietnam - sign on, address, sign off
Radio Moscow World Service: Listener participation request
Radio Nacional Brasil: Sign on

(22:43 mins)

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