Tuesday, 5 June 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 6

Welcome to some more shortwave radio recordings from the 80s. Among the clips featured include HCJB and the theme music for their popular DX Party Line show, Radio Afghanistan - putting in a good signal thanks to relays from the USSR (which had invaded the country in 1979) - and Radio Moscow asking for listeners to get involved in their programmes.

Radio Algiers: Sign off
Radio Sweden: Sign on and off
Radio Habana Cuba: Address
HCJB, Ecuador: Address, ID, DX Party Line theme
Radio Moscow North American service: Sign on (using 14 frequencies!)
Voice of Turkey: Sign on and off
Radio Afghanistan: Sign on to Europe
Voice of Free China, Taiwan: ID, address
Radio Dushanbe, Tajikistan: Sign on
Radio France Int English service: Address, sign off
Voice of Vietnam - sign on, address, sign off
Radio Moscow World Service: Listener participation request
Radio Nacional Brasil: Sign on

(22:43 mins)

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