Sunday, 27 May 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 5

Take another trip around the world with more sounds from the 80s, including recordings from Radio 
Habana Cuba, Radio Australia, Radio Finland and Radio Tirana among others.

Radio Habana Cuba: Sign off
Radio Australia: Sign on
Radio Vilnius, Lithuania: Sign on and off
Radio Stantsiya Rodina: Interval signal, ID
Radio Finland: Sign on and off
Spanish Foreign Radio: Sign on
Deutsche Welle: Sign off
WYFR, USA: Sign off
Radio Habana Cuba: Sign on
Radio Australia: ID
Radio Kuwait: ID
Radio Tirana, Albania: ID
Radio Bucharest, Romania: Sign on and off
Radio Minsk, Belarus: Sign on

(18:37 mins)

Here's the link

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