Sunday, 20 May 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 3

Welcome to some sounds from the shortwave bands in the early 1980s. Tune into the tropical
band in those days and it would be full of exotic sounds from Asia, Africa and Latin America. On this recording is a clip from Radio Tacna, Peru. Other recordings feature Radio Yugoslavia signing on, Radio Peking - before the Chinese capital was renamed Beijing - and the theme music from the Radio Budapest DX show.

Full tracklisting:
Voice of America: ID
Radio Tacna, Peru: IDs
Radio Station Peace & Progress, USSR: ID, sign off
All India Radio: Sign on
Radio Yugoslavia: Sign on
Radio Peking, China: Sign on and off
Kol Israel: Sign on
Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Sign on
Radio Japan: ID, address
Radio Budapest, Hungary: ID, address, sign off
Radio Habana Cuba: Address
Kol Israel: Address, sign off
Radio Kuwait: Sign on

(15:38 mins)

Here is the link:

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