Thursday, 24 May 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 4

Here is another collection of recordings from the past. AWR, including the theme tune to its World DX news produced by the former World DX Club,  Radio Baghdad putting in a good signal and also clear reception in English from RAE in Buenos Aires - which sadly no longer broadcasts in English to Europe.

Track listing:
Adventist World Radio European service: Address, announcements
Radio Prague, Czechoslovakia: ID, address
Austrian Radio: Sign on and off
Voice of Greece: Sign on
Radio Free Europe: ID in English
Radio Berlin Int, GDR: Sign off
Voice of America: ID, frequencies
Radio Pyongyang, North Korea: Sign off
Swiss Radio Int: Sign on
Radio Baghdad, Iraq: Sign on
RAE, Argentina: ID, address

(15:35 mins)

Here is the link:

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